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Terms of Service

This year’s October the across-borders HELLO DESIGNER TOUR will take place: HELLO DESIGNER TOUR | Visit a Designer | Euregio Maas-Rhine. For one month the design economy can present itself in all of its diversity. Design studios, advertisement agencies, graphic-, communications-, web-, print-, food-, fashion-, product-, jewelry-, accessories-, furniture-, lighting-, interieur-, shoe-, social-, web-, tattoo-, streetart-, facial-re-.... -designers can exhibit together, organize workshops, lectures, round tables, podium discussions, a party, invite people and cook dinner together—nothing should limit your creativity in this month.

Anyone can participate, as long as they are part of the design economy, no matter if they are self employed, companies, a collective, a group, or any other constellation.

Furthermore this month is meant as a month of encounters with the design economy across borders. Therefore contributions from other businesses and institutions FOR the design economy are also welcome, e.g. entrepreneurs breakfast, workshops and round tables, bicycle tour etc.

DESIGNMETROPOLE AACHEN e.V.i.G. / Fabian Seibert is the initiator and offers a platform via the URL hellodesignertour.eu where organizers can point to their events in the context of HELLO DESIGNER TOUR | Visit a Designer | Euregio Maas-Rhine.

The following rules and conditions apply to the participation and use of the offered website.

Online Services

We offer several digital services in order to provide information to visitors and also offer a platform to our supporters. If you’d like to participate, we’ll ask you to give us consent to use, display, and store information about the Facebook event(s) you’re participating with. In the following, we will outline what these services do, what will happen with your data and what your options are once you agreed with these terms. If you encounter any questions, feel free to talk to us viahi@hellodesignertour.eu.

Facebook Events Feed: As first form of curation, we maintain a list of Facebook events at our official Facebook page. We curate these for promotional purposes (visitors can use this list to browse all of a year’s participating events) as well as internal matters.

Website: Our website at hellodesignertour.eu acts as digital access point to HELLO DESIGNER TOUR | Visit a Designer | Euregio Maas-Rhine. We provide information to visitors, participants, and collaborators, as well as publish content related to the project. By using an interactive map or a simple calendar, users can browse through events on particular dates or in their nearest towns. The events we display on our website are the same that are curated on our Facebook events feed, with an additional, archived list of the past years’ events.

Conditions of Participation

With your registration and the adding of an event on the website hellodesignertour.eu you take an active role as an organizer in the event HELLO DESIGNER TOUR | Visit a Designer | Euregio Maas-Rhine that is initiated by DESIGNMETROPOLE AACHEN e.V.i.G. / Fabian Seibert.

As an organizer you declare your willingness to conduct one or more events during the month of October 2018 according to the following rules:

  • The above conditions to participate as an event organizer have to be followed.
  • Your contribution has to take place between 1st and 31st October 2018.
  • You must publish your event on the website hellodesignertour.eu, and it is a good idea to spread it through your own social media networks as well.

For designers the participation in this internet offer is free of charge. Participants from other parts of the design economy like design traders and producers are invited to participate as financial supporters, and get visual presence in return, according to our sponsor services price list.

This service offer invites you

  • to inform yourself about events taking place in October, and also to create events
  • to download banners, event banner templates and press infos viahellodesignertour.eu/concept

As an active event organizer in the context of HELLO DESIGNER TOUR | Visit a Designer | Euregio Maas-Rhine you hereby agree with the following:

  • to use the website of HELLO DESIGNER TOUR | Visit a Designer | Euregio Maas-Rhine for the preparation, the marketing and and the implementation of your event

Brand Usage

The use of the phrase HELLO DESIGNER TOUR | Visit a Designer | Euregio Maas-Rhine or the reference to it is only allowed

  • for events in the context of „HELLO DESIGNER TOUR | Visit a Designer | Euregio Maas-Rhine“
  • for informing others about your participation in HELLO DESIGNER TOUR | Visit a Designer | Euregio Maas-Rhine
  • for your event description on hellodesignertour.eu
  • to declare someone in your team as contact person
  • to inform the intitiator and registered participants, in case a published events is cancelled or cannot take place
  • to delete cancelled events from the website.

DESIGNMETROPOLE AACHEN e.V.i.G. / Fabian Seibert explicitly does not act as event organizer, but only as initiator. There will arise no financial obligations between DESIGNMETROPOLE AACHEN e.V.i.G. / Fabian Seibert and the event organizers. The organizers finance their activities on their own. Costs incurred can be allocated by the organizers to the participants, but must be mentioned ahead of time in your event publication on hellodesignertour.eu and on social media. Commercial events will not be published on the website. The organizers are responsible and liable for their events. The organizers set DESIGNMETROPOLE AACHEN e.V.i.G. / Fabian Seibert free from all claims by other participants, organizers and other third parties due to an infringement of their rights by contents published by the organizer, or due to other breaches of duties.

DESIGNMETROPOLE AACHEN e.V.i.G. / Fabian Seibert would like to explicitly point to the fact that existing copyright laws must be respected. The organizers are solely responsible for their published content. The organizers declare their consent that they will not transfer any content to hellodesignertour.eu that are unlawful, immoral, or infringe the rights of third parties. The editorial team of DESIGNMETROPOLE AACHEN e.V.i.G. / Fabian Seibert reserves the right to, but assumes no obligation to, check, edit, delete or block posts or details uploaded by the organizers, in case they violate any of the above agreements, or there is a suspicion of such a violation.

Privacy Policy for Participants

  • By participating with one or multiple event(s), you give us permission to store, display, and use the data about public Facebook events that you provide to us for the purpose of participation and promotion. Furthermore, you give us permission to store the public data you created on Facebook for such an event (e.g., title, description, header image), even after its deletion on Facebook (for archival purposes).
  • We don’t collect any personal information through this data. The collection and storage is done for the purpose of promotion, information, and analytics.
  • You have the right to request removal of the data you provided to us. We’ll kindly tell you which information we store that you’ve provided to us. Please drop us an email via hi@hellodesignertour.eu and we’ll get back to you shortly.
  • We will keep the collected data for an undisclosed amount of time, but not longer than HELLO DESIGNER TOUR | Visit a Designer | Euregio Maas-Rhine exists.