a de­central design festival.
in our euregio.
made by all of us.
by accessories­, communications­, face-redesigner, fashion­, food­, graphic­, product­, jewelry­, furniture­, lighting­, interieur­, print­, shoe­, social­, web­, tattoo­, streetart­, web­, .... ­designers...
for colleagues and normal people.


to show the design that happens every day.
where we all work and design every day.
to form our regional identity.
to meet and make new friends in aachen, liège, maastricht, heerlen, eupen, hasselt, genk, sittard, herzogenrath, mönchengladbach, stolberg,... .

one month?

yes, from 1 to 31 october.
this way we all can plan and explore more freely.
for example: if i open my studio to the public for a design workshop on 12 & 13 october, i still have 29 days left to go to maastricht, liège, eupen, heerlen, genk ... and check out all of those things that you guys are planning for october.
  • Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • Regionale Kulturpolitik
  • Cube Design Museum
  • lieck & müller
  • Volker Lang Accessoires
  • Klenkes
  • digitalhub
  • Sven Woytschaetzky
  • westwerk
  • CHE creative hub euregio
  • designmetropole aachen
  • theartistandtheothers.nl
  • Stadt Aachen
  • betawerk.nl heerlen
  • fashionclash maastricht
  • Common Knowledge Maastricht
  • Walloniedesign.be