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What makes a school?

The School starts on 15 October and opens its house!

4 days in a row, challenging the basics needed for a better urban movement: EDUCATION, DESIGN, THE CITY itself. These topics will be dismantled with various speakers, panel talks and workshops,

screenings and more. Installations, meetings with the first residents, a glance at the ateliers, the station area / Ståtiønsbürt will never be the same, a positive disruption will make its mark.

The School open house is supported by the many volunteers and passionate believers and ambassadors, the people of Hasselt, in a location supported by wonderful local and restaurant Tajine.


challenges EDUCATION with an extended discussion or dialogue, with international specialists and a foursome dissatisfied with the system as it is today and for too long already: .....

11h [dialogue] / discussion on (creative) education

moderator: Ann Vanderheyden


Annelys De Vet, Sandberg Institute

Jeroen Bouweriks, Offcourse

Joanne Pouzenc, Constructlab

Pieter Spinder, Knowmads Creative Business School

14h [monologue] / Brody Neuenschwander

Beyond the institute of school, we present Brody Neuenschwander, a master in calligraphy and known for his art through The Pillow Book (Peter Greenaway), an exclusive monologue and


15h-18h [Play Time] /

No first school day without playtime! 2 workshops to make us realise what’s wrong and missing in the way too serious education as we know it.

A. intuitive play time by Sara Bomans, Prett

B. musical play time by Pascal Deweze, Metal Molly

1. movement = letting go

2. thinking / solving = connecting

3. expression = dialogue

20h [movie] / Play Time, Jacques Tati

Introduced by specialist and writer Ann Meskens

in collaboration with Zebracinema and CIAP

@ CIAP Kunstverein voor Actuele Kunst, Lombaardstraat 23

in collaboration with Kubus Kwadraat

supported by the province of Limburg, city of Hasselt and Genk


More on the school: www.theschoolhasselt.eu

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