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What moves a city?

The School starts on 15 October and opens its house!

4 days in a row, challenging the basics needed for a better urban movement: EDUCATION, DESIGN, THE CITY itself. These topics will be dismantled with various speakers, panel talks and workshops, screenings and more. Installations, meetings with the first residents, a glance at the ateliers, the station area / Ståtiønsbürt will never be the same, a positive disruption will make its mark.

The School open house is supported by the many volunteers and passionate believers and ambassadors, the people of Hasselt, in a location supported by wonderful local and restaurant Tajine.


challenges the main topic of The School: THE CITY. What forms a city, what movement is (not) present?

13h [welcoming + talk]

A clic with Stad Limburg for its uniting soft power, our governor Herman Reynders welcoming the partners and participants in his residency. Maarten Desmet of NDVR will be exploring the urban happiness, collective and participative build towards new city chemistry. An extended international expert panel takes it further, questioning the roles, commons and errors in a city: ....

15h [debate on the city]

moderator: Alice Haddad, Perhaps it is time for a xeno architecture to match

Liesbeth Huybrechts, UHasselt, PDC

Rozina Spinnoy, Belgian Design Council, BIDs, Brussels

Fabian Seibert, Hello Design Tour Aachen

Maarten Desmet, NVDR

Rosario Talevi, Urban School Ruhr

19h30 [guest performance] Lagom, Alesya Dobysh, M I J

20h [CIAP Cinema] presents: Stranger than Paradise, Jim Jarmusch

A screening of spot on cinema to end the impressive day: Stranger than Paradise is introduced by impressive collective performance of Lagom by M I J.

@ CIAP Kunstverein voor Actuele Kunst, Lombaardstraat 23

Theme day The City at governor's residency, supported by Stad Limburg

Free admission, except CIAP Cinema: Stranger than Paradise.

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