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II Conference on Cultural and Creative Industries

“Art education is an extremely precarious process. Students and lecturers are continually feeling around for something that can be meaningful or significant to hold on to.

However, this does not imply incompetence, ignorance or laziness. It is simply one of the main values of art education that everything must be rediscovered over and over again.

But at the same time, the government is looking for concrete issues in society. Depending on which way the political wind is blowing, we run the risk of this society being viewed as a market, rather than as a world.” – Erik DeJong.

This year the Conference on Cultural and Creative Industries is going to focus on 3 topics; Art Education & entrepreneurship, how a city could support its talent and what is the current situation of Cultural industries in small cities.

Since a couple of years, the following questions are on the table of discussion of art academies, cities and even higher levels of government.

Do art graduates need business/entrepreneurial skills to become successful? Is it the responsibility of the academy to teach these skills? If not, whose is it?

What are the most important skills art graduates need in order to develop their career?

What is the most important factor for a city to have in order to create a vibrant and sustainable creative culture?

Is it possible for a peripheral/small city to create such a culture?

When can we speak of a successful cultural and creative environment?

Through great real life examples and a meaningful discussion, the conference aims to find possible solutions to these questions.

The Conference is divided into 2 days, the first dedicated to presentation and discussion, the second focused completely on providing participants practical skills.

Program Monday 2nd of October -


Lage Fronten 29a

9:00 welcome | registration Coffee and Tea

9:30 Welcoming Speech

9:40 Presentation of the research done by Made2Measure

10:00 Presentation by Emilia Telese: the Artist as Entrepreneurs

10:20 Q&A

10:30 Presentation by Jurgen Enninger head of the centre of excellence of the cultural and Creative Industries of the city of Munich.

10:50 Q&A

Coffee break

11:30 – Interactive panel discussion with :

Emilia Telese

Jurgen Enninger

Eline Kersten artist and curator

Damien Helly - European Creative Hubs Network

the discussion is moderated by dr. Miriam Meissner.

13:00 lunch

afternoon program powered by MaastrichtLab ( it’s free and open to everyone)

14:00 – 18:00


visit different creative hubs and locations like Starters Valley and Caracola;

share, learn and listen;

onboard quiz and entertainment;

meet fellow students & like minded people;

Stone oven Pizza along the way, you won’t leave hungry

18:30 – 20:00



Location: De Brandweer

discuss, interact, socialize;

Interactive discussion with representatives from different areas such as local government, artists, students organizations and more;

Join us for a drink afterwards!


Location: De Brandweer

Would you like joining the fun?

Send M-LAB an email and we will confirm your attendance >>> info@maastrichtlab.nl


LOCATION: Academy fine arts and design, academiaplein - main building.

What are the skills artists, and cultural professionals need?

On the second day of the Conference for Cultural and Creative Industries, you have the chance to broaden your skills set! We offer a number of workshops led by leading professionals where you will gain important knowledge and skills on how to successfully enter the professional field. You can pick and choose the workshops yourself and thus create your own programme. The regular price for these workshops normally is much higher, thanks to precious partnership you can attend it for an affordable price. Please do not wait too long with subscribing, as places are limited.


9:00 welcome | registration Coffee and Tea

9.15 – 13:00 workshops:

workshop 1:

Emilia Telese, The Artist as Entrepreneur


A four hours workshop designed to empower artists to create a financial strategy for their practice.

Including a theory section and a practical, hands-on section, the workshop looks at:

Understanding the dynamics of the art world in Europe

Approaching galleries and funding bodies with a great proposal

Minimising rejection when applying for funding

How to create a financial support strategy for your art practice

Writing about your practice effectively

Finding out about the best sources of funding for your practice

Designed and led by Emilia Telese, this 4h workshop has been designed especially for The Artist and the Others and is a short version of her financial strategy workshop Dodge the Shredder, widely considered to be the leading workshop of its kind in the UK.

Workshop 2:

9.00 – 11:00

Margriet Vollenberg, Organisation in Design

[More info soon]

Workshop 3:

11.00- 13:00

Kitty Dejong, BNO, The business side of the design profession.

During this tailored workshop, participants will have the chance to discover the current job market, its legal aspects and how to prepare for an interview.

Moreover, you will learn how to set up your own Design Practice, including the legal aspects and commercial challenges. Last but not least, you will learn about fees & Quotations: how to start and how to be competitive.

In this way, you will learn the business side of the design profession.

Workshop 4:

9:00- 11:00

Nikos Geropanagiotis, CEO and founder of mecca neue medien, CEO and founder of LATER IS NOW : Famous, Sexy & Rich, proven techniques and take aways for marketing your art

Leave your unbeliefs behind, it’s not about the art, it’s all about marketing!

The question is: are you a passive or an intentional marketer of your own

and how can you switch from one to the other?

Join this very down to earth workshop if you want to make a living out of your art

and spare your self the time if you think that someone else will fix this for you.

Workshop 5:

11:00 – 13:00

Alexander Ramselaar, Cultuur Ondernemen: Chances and opportunities for financing your cultural objective

� In this interactive presentation/workshop Alexander takes you into the world of finance, where he will introduce you to a solid mix of financing possibilities for your project, initiative or organization.� Next to the traditional sources of financing, the focus will be on less obvious means like philanthropy, loans and informal capital. Although financing always has to be customized to its purpose, there are of course questions, do’s and don’ts of a general nature. Alexander will zoom in on these questions and provide you with tips and tricks. This will all be illustrated with practical examples. ��This workshop is open to creative Individuals and representatives of cultural organizations.��Participants can send in questions about financing regarding their own objective. Alexander intends to incorporate these questions into the workshop.�

Please send in your question before September 21st to Alexander@cultuur-ondernemen.nl

This workshop is made possible thanks to the support of the European Union.

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