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3 Expositions: Meat the Future / Designing the World / 3D Print: NOW!

Exposition: Meat the Future

*The time has come to start a debate about the future of meat.*

Tuesday to Sunday, until 17 june 2017.

The time has come to start a debate about the future of meat. Now that the world population is approaching towards 9 billion people in 2050, scientists see cultured meat as a sustainable and animal-friendly alternative. Animal cells are grown in...

> http://www.cubedesignmuseum.nl/en/activiteiten/meat-future

Exposition: Designing the World

*A collaborative exhibition from 6 museums around the globe.*

Tuesday to Sunday, until 4th December.

Designing the World is one of the two opening exhibitions of the Cube design museum. Six design museums from all over the world selected ten objects that were meant to fulfil human needs and human ambitions...

> http://www.cubedesignmuseum.nl/en/activiteiten/designing-world

Exposition: 3D Print: NOW! A design (r)evolution?

*The 3D-printer is one of the major innovations of this century.*

Tuesday to Sunday, until april 2017.

The Vision: Large factories are no longer needed. Everyone can print spare parts for repairs at home. In short, 3D-printing is the start of a new industrial revolution...

> http://www.cubedesignmuseum.nl/en/activiteiten/ausstellung-3d-print-now